CLEAR offers a community-led approach to tackling the challenges of waste pollution and environmental degradation in Indonesia.  Through ideas generated by the community we facilitate direct action to increase awareness and enable protection of the environment and prudent use of resources.

Creating together, finding solutions

We encourage creative inspiration from local people to develop replicable solutions to environmental challenges. Most of our activities involve voluntary action, driven by the passion of people who care. By deliberately focusing on low-cost high-impact measures we are achieving significant shifts in public awareness and behaviour with very little expenditure, a deliberate strategy to make sure CLEAR initiatives can be replicated in any community.

Some highlights from things we have achieved to date:

  • Over 2000 volunteers from the local area have assisted with ‘Beach Clean’ events which are organised by CLEAR on a regular basis. Local volunteers and visitors work together picking up plastic debris and raising awareness, with up to 350 attending each clean up. Many other communities have already been inspired to start their own beach cleans and education initiatives since we began our activities.


  • CLEAR has established an environmental learning centre called ‘Bale Tau’ which is a mixed use community space and permaculture gardens where free learning activities take place to support sustainable development. Activities at Bale Tau include: Art and recycling crafts for kids and adults; waste management workshops; community organic gardening sessions; river clean-ups; martial arts; yoga; and ‘learn-together’ sessions combining environment, music and English language. School groups travel from as far as 3 hours away to attend our activities.


  • Other community activities have included: a surf festival for younger surfers combining environmental activities and surf competition; anti-littering campaigns on peak holiday weekends aimed at tourists; school visits; design competitions and constructing recycling stations from bamboo.


  • As there is no comprehensive waste management collection infrastructure, it is one of our key objectives to support implementation of an exemplary waste management system working towards ‘zero waste’, managed at a local level in Batukaras; an objective which is now is being supported by an International Academic Partnership Program between the UK and Indonesia, overseen by the Royal Academy of Engineering, initiated by CLEAR. Our aim is to support other communities to achieve similar change following implementation in Batukaras.


CLEAR operates on an entirely not-for-profit basis. Most of our activities involve voluntary action and we achieve exceptionally low running costs, however your support is essential so that we can continue and expand the positive impact of our activities. CLEAR is a registered charity supported by Trustees in the UK who all give their time to CLEAR on a voluntary basis ensuring that all funding goes directly to local community action in Java.


We are working towards a sustainable balance between…


‘Creating together, finding solutions’ – We support creative development in the community to enable people to solve their own social, economic, and environmental problems and empower the community with greater resilience to overcome new challenges.


Only a healthy planet can support healthy humans. As custodians of the land, the rivers, the air and the oceans, it is essential that we understand the effects of our activities and act with due responsibility towards everything in our environment.


Prosperity can be measured by smiles or heartbeats as well by coins.
By working together to help each other we can be happiers and healthier, therefore improving the prosperity of the communities within which we live.


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