Meet our Dream Team: Asri

My name is Asri. I am passionate about working with communities to mobilise and empower them. My motivation for joining CLEAR stems from the significant waste and plastic usage problems that I have witnessed in Pangandaran since I moved there last year. As such, I aim to contribute to the building of waste banks with CLEAR to tackle this issue and help preserve the environment.

I have attained multiple personal achievements, including the initiation of a school mentoring program at three elementary schools and two Islamic boarding schools in Pangandaran. Furthermore, I have successfully established the waste bank program, for the first time, in a school at Pangandaran and conducted upcycling workshops at waste banks, which resulted in an increased level of enthusiasm among waste bank members. To further support the cause of environmental awareness, I have collaborated with public universities in West Java to conduct joint programs. I have also promoted the awareness of waste management through socialisation at Integrated Service Posts (Posyandus), which are essential platforms for mothers in sub-villages to gather, plan programs, and monitor children’s health. My efforts in proper, organic, waste management have also led to the independent cultivation of fruits and vegetables in schools and homes through tree planting.

As a member of the CLEAR team, I strive to provide innovative ideas; support teamwork; assist with waste management; disseminate information and encourage people to manage their waste. Additionally, I aim to participate in the improvement of community prosperity through the processing of waste products. My aspirations for CLEAR include positioning the organization as the pioneer of good waste management in Pangandaran through the establishment of waste banks. Furthermore, I am passionate about creating awareness among local society, particularly teenagers, on the importance of wise plastic usage and effective plastic waste management.