CLEAR Community in the news

It’s been a great start to the year with our founder, Chani Leahong, appearing on BBC Radio stations 5 times over the last few months! We thought we’d share the recordings with you so you can hear Chani in action and learn more about our work over in Indonesia and why it’s so important….

Over April and May 2022, in the midst of the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ we researched whether going green could save you money and found that UK households could save up to £500 a year by making some environmentally-friendly switches, saving on plastic waste as well as money. Chani took our message to the airwaves and featured on  BBC Radio Merseyside for the second time, on 10th May:

And we also went on Radio Linconshire’s breakfast show on the 3rd May, again sharing our green money saving tips:


Back in February 2022 (2nd February) Chani appeared on BBC Radio Merseyside (Tony Snell’s morning show) to talk about our Plastic-Free February campaign:


And before that, Chani was invited to appear on not one, but two BBC Radio Devon shows to talk about how CLEAR had saved over 5,000kg of waste from entering the environment in 2021.

First up was the Rick Edwards evening show on January 19th 2022, where she talked about the different waste and recycling rates in Indonesia, and why the work we support over there is so important:


Next up was David Sheppard’s breakfast show on January 21st 2022 where Chani talked about how she first started the work in Indonesia, the scale of the challenge out there and some of the solutions like our waste banks. She shared some startling statistics about how much UK waste is exported and how we could eliminate that by reducing our plastic use.