Refill Station

Solving the ocean plastic crisis requires positive action from all of us and many people have turned to solutions such as recycling and ocean clean-up techniques. Although vital, it’s clear that these approaches will not be sufficient to reduce ocean plastics, which are increasing daily. We need lifestyle changes that prevent more waste being created and discarded.

Indonesia, where CLEAR operates, is one of the world’s highest ocean plastic polluters. Most plastic that enters the ocean from Indonesia includes plastic containers and plastic food wrappers such as individual food and coffee sachets.

CLEAR Community tackles this problem at the source by setting up refill stations in villages so residents will have easy access to key dietary staples and household supplies in a way that drastically reduces the amount of plastic produced! – and saves them money.

You can provide the funding needed for us to support the start up a refill store in a village.

Just £350 provides the necessary funds for mobilisation, training, support, and advice plus a start-up loan for equipment and supplies. Once up and running the refill station becomes self-sustainable as well as the villagers saving money – so it’s win, win!

What is a Refill Station?

A refill station involves the bulk buying of supplies for the community which can then be sold in small quantities without plastic packaging, and at a lower price. For example, instead of bags of individual coffee sachets, a sack of coffee beans will be bought for the refill station, ground, and then sold to locals. Household liquids are supplied from bulk into bottles which can be refilled. Following the initial setup funded by this donation, the refill station will operate as a typical store and further supplies will be bought with the profits made. A refill station therefore has unlimited potential to provide a local area with waste-free options and lower prices over the years.

Where Does Your Donation Go?

Your donation of £350 enables us set up a brand-new refill station in a village in Indonesia by providing the initial community mobilisation, training, support and advice to set up the refill station and make it sustainable long-term. It also includes a start-up loan for the equipment needed, such as scales etc, and waste-free alternatives to everyday items. You can enhance your public image and feel proud of preventing large amounts of  plastic waste entering the ocean!

If you’re ready to really make a difference to ocean pollution and sponsor a Waste Bank, please contact and we will discuss a sponsorship package tailored to your needs.