Sponsor a Waste Bank

Indonesia is one of the biggest contributors to ocean plastic due to poor waste management infrastructure.  With your help we can change that!

(With our help over the last 10 years Indonesia has moved from being the 2nd highest polluter of ocean plastics to the 5th in the world (1), but there’s still a very long way to go).

CLEAR Community sets up Waste Banks – village recycling centers – where waste is separated and processed. This prevents waste from entering local ecosystems, waterways, and ultimately the ocean. Our existing Waste Banks recycled 5,255.8kg of waste in 2021, including 3000 kg (?) of plastic!

CLEAR Community mobilises the local community through training and education so that once a Waste Bank is set up, it will remain functional and effective long after CLEAR Community’s involvement. Village residents benefit from a cleaner environment and the opportunity to earn a small income. So when you decide to sponsor a Waste Bank not only will you be keeping tonnes of waste from entering the ocean, you’ll also be empowering a community.

A one-off donation of £1500 provides us with the necessary funding for our 6-month process of supporting the setting up of a Waste Bank by mobilising and training local people to manage and run the facility and then providing ongoing support for a further 6 months after which the waste bank becomes self-sustaining. This is a proven successful model which CLEAR has used to establish 13 waste banks so far.

In return, we can provide a link between you and those running the Waste Bank in Java, Indonesia. You’ll receive regular updates on progress and the amount of waste and plastic recycled. As a bonus, you’ll be able to name the Waste Bank you sponsor after you!

This is an excellent opportunity for any individuals, companies or businesses interested in demonstrating their contribution to an environmental cause.

If you’re ready to really make a difference to ocean pollution and sponsor a Waste Bank, please contact and we will discuss a sponsorship package tailored to your needs. Just visit: