Design Competition Awards

It was great to give the awards and prizes from our first design competition, which were
well received 🙂 Our 3 adult winners were Weni Sri Augustine (SMAN1 Parigi),
Gilang (Cybernet Cijulang) and Hans (Galaxy Printing Pangandaran).
Our 6 younger
category winners came from 3 of the local
primary schools, SD 1 & SD 2
Batukaras, and SD 2 Cijulang.Each child
winner received IDR 50,000 towards their school equipment fund, plus drawing
pad, set of oil pastels and other stationary. Adult winners received IDR 100,000 plus a CLEAR
T-shirt and Calendar.

We are delighted to report that the top winner of the
younger age-group has since been selected to enter a regional drawing
competition by his school SDN2 Cijulang.
Thanks so much to all
of you who voted via the facebook gallery, plus everybody who entered the
competition (over 300 people!), and particular thanks to Guisseppe for an inspiring future visioning game and Bono for designing the certificates which
are now proudly posted in schools and homes around the area! YaY! 😀