New Way to Share the Word…



We have designed and printed bookmarks in the shape of a
surfboard which give 6 key pointers about action for more responsible tourism.
The majority of tourists in Batukaras are Indonesians travelling from towns and
cities for the weekend so the bookmarks are therefore printed in Indonesian. With the surfboard design they become a souvenir to be taken home as well as being
useful as a bookmark.
The motif slogan reads
‘Batukaras Budayakan Berwisata
which essentially means ‘Clean Tourism Culture for Batukaras’.
The 6 points roughly translate into English as:
*Ensure you put all your litter (organic/non-organic) into
the correct bin/place
*Bring your own shopping bags and drink bottles (re-use)
*Take care to preserve plants and natural features around the


*Travel on foot or by bicycle
*Support small local producers and services (for example
food, souvenirs, renting home-stays)
*Leave only your footprints on the beach!

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