Kids Recycling Arts and Crafts – ‘Ngabuburrit’ and ‘Buka Bersama’

The month of Ramadan is not the best time to organise beach cleaning because people are fasting and would get too thirsty and hungry, so instead we made an afternoon ‘Ngabuburrit’ art and craft event at Bale ϕ Tau, our new community space for Belajar Bersama (‘learning-together’).

Around 80 kids of all ages came along and from waste materials we made masks, did sewing and painted signs to help reduce littering.

Ngabuburrit is a local Sundanese word for an afternoon event during Ramadan before the early evening Magrib prayer time. So, at the end of the event we all enjoyed ‘buka-bersama’ which literally translates as ‘open-together’ and is the term for breaking the fast by eating together with friends at sunset.

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