Traditional Wedding – Our Opening Event at Bale ϕ Tau

Our first major event at Bale ϕ Tau was a unusual mix of traditional Sundanese (regional culture) wedding ceremony and live reggae concert!

The wedding opened with the traditional Upacara Adat ceremony involving martial arts and role-playing theatre, which was followed by traditional artists performing Pencak Silat martial arts, Jaipong dance and Ronggeng dance, with live music throughout the day.

Many thanks to friends from Galuh Panglipur Pencak Silat team, in particular Pak Iwan, for helping co-ordinate all the traditional performers as well as their own team.



It was wonderful to see the Bale come alive, filled with children and adults enjoying themselves together from all different parts of the local community, as well as many travelling from other towns and cities. 

The evening was thronging with people dancing and singing to live music from 6 Indonesian reggae bands, including Another ProjectHappy PoisonPatroliceWedang Jahe, Mrs Jo and The Paps.

Over 800 people came from near and far to celebrate, which is actually not so unusual here in Java as weddings are often an open community event in rural areas.  A very beautiful day indeed! 🙂



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