Sand Warriors return… with new recruits joining the war on waste….

Our second community beach clean turned out to be an even more resounding success than the first! On the 30th March we were joined by over 200 people from the local community, including schools and other local organisations. Great work everyone! 😀

The fact that the 30th March was in the middle of a busy
long-weekend meant that many more people than usual  were witness to the clean-up, which is part of
a process helping increase their awareness of the effects when they litter the
beach and streets in Batukaras.


It was wonderful to see hoardes of children and teenagers arrive by bicycle, also accompanied by teachers many of whom also made the effort to cycle instead of taking motorbikes!

The habit of dropping litter on the floor is endemic here.
Only very small percentage of people have
adopted the good practice of taking their litter with them until they
find a suitable bin facility, whilst the vast majority simply drop in on the
floor wherever they are. One major factor exacerbating this situation is a lack
of waste management infrastructure, which is one of the things we hope to support
the community in establishing. Another major reason is lack of awareness or
understanding of the  impacts of plastic


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