Creating Space to Learn Together – Bale ϕ Tau – Our New Community Building

Construction of Bale ϕ Tau, our community centre for ‘learning together’ (‘belajar bersama’), has been a great experience this year. It is a very simple
building based around local vernacular design and built by hand without electricity on-site using traditional
construction techniques… …plus a few added twist and turn design evolutions 🙂 …

ϕTau (Phi Tau) is the name of a star in the constellation of Taurus and the
greek letter phi (ϕ) is also used to denote the golden ratio 1.618… which is a universally important ratio for resonance, balance and harmony in life ….  ϕ is found throughout nature, art, music and architecture, in the places where things feel just right. This golden ratio appears throughout Bale ϕ Tau, in the proportions of the main bale and the surrounding structures.The Indonesian word for knowledge ‘tahu’ is also pronounced ‘tau’, thus as a learning space, the name Bale ϕ Tau represents ‘creative learning in natural harmony‘.

Ever wanted to spend time riverside, beachside and in the woods at the same time?!?…(not forgetting also off-grid!) Well you can at Bale ϕ Tau! 🙂 No kidding – the Bale is located on stunning riverside land amoungst organic woodland gardens and still only 500 metres from the surf…  At Bale ϕ Tau feel wonderfully connected with nature and daily inspired by the beauty,  whilst only a few minutes from the beaches, eateries and bars of Batukaras…

for more information about Bale ϕ Tau click here



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