Sand Warriors Start to Gather…

Our first community clean-up event has been a great success!
Last Sunday (16th March) we were joined by literally a truckload(!) of teenagers from the
junior red cross (PMR) from the local Senior High School (SMAN1 Parigi). The
PMR were keen to work with us as part of their social action (bagkti sosial) and
so we teamed up with them for our first beach clean. As well as the PMR, we
were also joined by local Pencak Silat martial arts troop Panglipur Cijulang,
along with children and adults living in the area.

The younger children were teamed up with the teenagers, giving them a chance to
inspire each other as well as learning from the activity. It was great to see a
number of locals and tourists spontaneously getting involved in picking up the
litter and joining with our action.
Together we filled over 100 bags of rubbish within 2 hours and then took
them to the local skip which is the only public waste facility in the area.

From the skip the bags are collected at taken to the waste
facility in the nearest large town of Pangandaran, which is the best available
option at the current time but CLEAR hopes in future to develop with the
community an exemplary scenario including more sustainable waste disposal
and  methods for increasing rates of
recycling materials locally.
After the beach clean the younger kids had an art session
with us and the PMR played games together on the beach….


This first event was a ‘trial-run’ as we plan to start
regular beach cleans on Sunday mornings with a points system and small prizes
based on the number of times you come along to incentivise people to attend
regularly. We’re utterly delighted that it went so well and hugely grateful to
every person who came along and joined in! Thanks a million guys! 🙂
More photos of the day are on our facebook page  – click here to see them !

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