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Over 7,000,000 tonnes of plastic enters the oceans each year.

How you can make a difference

About 15% of all ocean plastic comes from Indonesia, where we are working with coastal villages to develop waste management systems to stop plastic entering rivers and the sea or being burnt, causing air pollution. Please make a regular donation to help us support Waste Warriors to set up waste banks and organise beach cleans.Thank you!

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Skills Exchange

CLEAR is all about people with passion sharing their time to support a vision for cleaner, greener future.
Friends of CLEAR are able to undertake placements staying at our environment centre Bale Tau for free in exchange for helping with our activities. We also welcome support with fundraising and online support. If you have an idea for how your skills could be of benefit, or a suggestion for a workshop or event you would like to organise, please contact us!


CLEAR is just one organisation whose aim it is to tackle the serious issues of pollution that are facing our planet. If you’re interested in finding out more about those issues, have a look at the resources below:

Plastic Pollution Coalition resources page resources page

Tips to Use Less Plastic from the Green Education Foundation

Towards ‘Zero Waste’ Strategy for Festivals in Indonesia by CLEAR

Surfer Against Sewage Marine Litter Report

Ellen MacArcthur Foundation: The New Plastics Economy — Rethinking the future of plastics 

Plastic Waste Input from Land Into Oceans‘, ‘Science’ 13 Feb 2015

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