Batukaras CLEAR Awards 2016

On March 6 2016 we held a Batukaras CLEAR Awards party celebrating all those who have been working together to support the environment in the Batukaras area and making CLEAR beach clean events and other activities  a success. The event included local government, community leaders, students and teachers of elementary / junior high / high schools, women’s group, scouts, traditional arts groups, sponsors and many others from the local community who all support CLEAR action. The Awards party was organized as a form of gratitude, respect and appreciation everyone participating in maintaining and improving the natural environment in the Batukaras area, especially Batukaras Beach.

Batukaras CLEAR Awards 2016 
was filled with various activities, including tradional Sundanese art performances such as martial arts and dance (ronggeng & jaipong) performed by elementary-junior high school students from SMPN1 and Panglipur Galuh Cijulang. Additionally we held mini theater of CLEAR Friends with the theme of protecting the environment. This was done in an effort to provide information, outreach and education to the community about the dangers of excessive use of plastic bags and littering.

At the awards ceremony there are several award categories including ‘Inspirational Leaders’, ‘Committed Supporters’, ‘Active Participants’ and the appointment of  Batukaras CLEAR Ambassador. Awards ‘Inspirational Leader’ and ‘Committed Supporter’ were given to people who have been inspiring the children and the local community to participate in beach clean up activities.

In the category of ‘active participants’ children and local people who participate in clean beach activities were awarded prizes relating to how many times they had helped clean the beach. Over a year sticker collection cards were given out to each participant and a sticker awarded for every event attended. There were a total of 7 stickers to be collected. At the Awards event one prize was awarded for each sticker collected, so more stickers meant more prizes! 😀


For the appointment of our first ever CLEAR Ambassador, this position has been awarded to Rinto, who is a local person participating actively and consistently in the conduct of clean beaches and protecting the environment and showing great commitment to our aims.

From all these activities, it is expected to further increase public awareness for protecting the environment starting from the community themselves. Because we believe that a big change starts from a collection of small changes.We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our amazing local sponsors that made this event possible: Principal sponsors were JavaCove Beach HotelVilla MonyetVilla Kanari and The Shelter . We are also grateful for contributions from Ermajas Pavilion, Shane Josa Resort and Villa Dahon.

Article by: Yadi Setiadi

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