Earth Day Messages from CLEAR Community Actions

A variety of different activities were happening with CLEAR Community to celebrate Earth Day this year, helping share the message to work together to put an end to plastic pollution worldwide. Here are messages from some of the activities…

After a CLEAR EarthDay workshop in Ciamis, West Java on waste awareness, these high school students picked up trash in the park and shared their message that we should ‘END PLASTIC POLLUTION’…

Students from School SMA Tangerang at a CLEAR beach clean on Batu Hiu Beach, Pangandaran saying “SELAMAT HARI BUMI (HAPPY EARTH DAY)- END PLASTIC POLLUTION”

A message from Trevor who is cycling 300km across Cyprus to raise money for CLEAR’s work in Indonesia to continue. Support him at his campaign page here

And CLEAR friends cleaning up near the reef break at Batukaras beach say ‘NO PLASTIC’….



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