14th October 2017

by Batukaras CLEAR

Popesisir was a one-day event initiated by @kolektifwarlok in collaboration with @reefbreakbatukaras and @batukarasclear.  It was hosted at #baletau in #batukaras.

This event mixed social and environmental action through workshops and music.

The name Popesisir was chosen with Pop culture being an approach and Pesisir (coastline in English) was where the event took place.

The day started well with an early morning beach clean, and we had a decent turnout.

For this event Popesisir presented four performers with diverse characteristics. We started with slacker folk by Harlan, and then heard sharing stories of different tones with Aubrey Fanani.

Next was indietronic music by Melt, and local band from Batukaras called Dewa Surfer who played beach reggae.

A screen-printing workshop was led by Zemo Cabalero from Homeless Dawg.

The day was a positive experience, and we send thanks to all involved. The national press reported the event in Pikiran Rakyat newspaper. Here is a section from the article:

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds!”

The song “Redemption Song” which was popularized by reggae singer Bob Marley was loud from the mouths of people who gathered at Bale Tau, Batukaras Beach, Pangandaran Thursday, October 12, 2017… Harlan Boer became the guide of this hubbub. Both the audience from out of town, as well as the youth around share a voice in “Popesisir.”

The full article is available here.

For more information go to instagram @kolektifwarlok #batukaras #popesisir #collaboration#collective #pop #art #workshop#screenprint #beachclean #music #gig#lokakarya #bersihpantai


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