Rounding Up Our 2020

An opening statement from our CEO, Chani Leahong:

“Batukaras is now becoming recognised in the wider region for its proactive and progressive waste management, which is in large part a result of our hard work over many years across many stakeholder groups. Villagers and local government are now proudly managing their waste better, from waste banks to beach cleans and local government initiatives. To see this finally manifesting with organic growth is so exciting as it demonstrates the true efficacy and sustainability of CLEAR’s approach.

We have started discussions in Cijulang village about our mentoring programme and setting up a Waste Warrior Team, ready to move forward the next stage with regularly gardening activities, organic waste separation and setting up new Waste Banks. Three more villages are also lined up ready for our mentoring program in the coming months.  

All of the above and more has been achieved despite the harsh reality of the global pandemic which has put pressure on every single one of us in one way or another so we can be particularly proud to have realised what we have.

As an organisation run by volunteers there are inevitable challenges we continue to face regarding time availability and resources. However, by working together collaboratively with a passion for the cause and an understanding for each other, we will continue to increase our impact and continue towards realising our vision of a better future”.

A huge THANKYOU to all our supporters and volunteers during 2020 who have helped CLEAR Community achieve….

  • Workshops on sustainability and the environment at  Bale Tau learning centre, Batukaras:

art and craft


organic gardening


Eco -brick making

Re-usable bag making


  • Work with local women’s groups promoting waste management and recycling

e.g. making ‘loop de loop’ bags from recycled coffee sachets. 

  • Work with local schools and youth groups:

the environment

climate change

movie days



  • Beach cleaning and anti-littering campaigns with many volunteers.
  • CLEAR began to support additional  villages in the region in setting up waste banks, including mentor training.
  • Links were forged with local tourist industry outlets and accommodation promoting sustainable and eco-friendly waste management.
  • Completion of the major partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering Industry-Academic Partnership Programme (IAPP), working towards an exemplary zero-waste system for coastal Indonesia. CLEAR coordinated training workshops for mentors and volunteers for the programme and developed a framework for community mentor training supporting community waste management systems in other coastal areas of Indonesia.
  • Construction of more community waste and recycling stations. 
  • Awareness-raising and fundraising campaigns based in the UK. 
  •  A well-supported ‘Plastic-Free February’ campaign in 2020.
  • A successful fundraiser run on Zoom offering a Yoga class for donations.
  • A fundraising campaign to sponsor t-shirts and eco kit bags as rewards for ‘Waste Warriors’, who help set up and run waste banks. 
  • Blog posts and Newsletters to an increasing number of subscribers as ‘Friends of CLEAR’.

From March onwards lockdowns and social distancing rules due to the Covid 19 pandemic affected the ability of people to attend CLEAR sessions at Bale Tau and limited visits by CLEAR trainers and volunteers to schools and other local organisations. Where activities were carried out they adhered strictly to the guidance issued both locally and nationally and all visitors to Bale Tau were made aware of these rules and guidelines.

We would like to express how deeply grateful we are to all our supporters and volunteers, every one of whom makes a difference to us and the impact we can have on reducing ocean plastic and supporting sustainable development. Thank you.