Transforming Single Use Plastic

CLEAR encourages communities to embrace the six Rs as the guiding principles for reducing waste output: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair. Ideally, the first couple of Rs would govern a waste-free lifestyle – where possible, single-use plastic should be refused and a plastic free alternative rethought. Of course there are instances where this …

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Village Waste Bank Mentoring

CLEAR has started a village assistance program in Kabupaten Pangandaran, an area with 93 villages on the southern coast of West Java, Indonesia. The program will generate a new wave of Waste Champions. They will be instrumental in establishing village Waste Banks and start sorting waste, recycling, building permaculture gardens, and implementing other waste management …

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Operasi Semut: Clearing Our Local Area of Non-Organic Waste

On the 17th of May CLEAR Community united together to carry out what we liked to call ‘Operasi Semut’ (Operation Ant). Armed with rubbish bags and observant eyes the anti-littering warriors patrolled through Bale Tau’s luscious, green jungle-garden, through the neighbouring land and out along the street as slow as ants in order to meticulously …

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