Village Recycling Success

Despite COVID restrictions, CLEAR has helped five village waste management systems (Waste Banks). In the four months to August, 2259kg of waste was recycled, including 881kg plastic. With no municipal waste collection services, this is waste that would have been burnt or eventually have found its way into the rivers and the ocean. Over 820 households supporting 3,280 people are participating.

Group members showing recycled materials

The villages are: Hikmah,Cijulang; Resik Karya, Bangunkarya; Geulis, Barengkok; Ganda 8, Kondangjajar; and Caykung, Nusagede. Ciparanti and Wonoharjo were in the original plan but development has been delayed by COVID restrictions. 

Building on our achievements so far ….

Dibyo (middle) at a training session

The pioneering Waste Bank developed by the Batukaras community with CLEAR was the model for the new villages. Their Waste Bank processes paper, cardboard, cans, iron, copper, aluminium, seven types of plastic, and cooking oil. The new waste banks are developing fast. 548kg of waste was recycled in August, including 191kg of plastic. In September, 1,098kg of waste was recycled, including 692kg of plastic. Total incomes from the sale of recycled materials were 1,337,210 Rupiah in August (about £67) and 3,806,830 Rupiah in September (about £190). While small the income generated is significant. Rural self-employed incomes are commonly only 1,250,000 Rupiah per month.

Planning for the future

As word spreads and COVID restrictions ease, villages are approaching CLEAR for advice on how to set up waste banks. We are raising funds to take effective, tried-and-tested waste management systems to all villages across the region. To reduce plastic consumption and increase group incomes, CLEAR is also working with local groups to develop village refill stores.

How to help

To help raise money for Waste Banks, please join our November WorkOut4WasteWarriors or make a donation. A small regular donation will help us plan a brighter future for us all.