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LATEST UPDATE (2.7.21) due to a surge in COVID-19 cases across the region, all activities are now on pause until 20th July in accordance with government restrictions. 

CLEAR has started a village assistance program in Kabupaten Pangandaran, an area with 93 villages on the southern coast of West Java, Indonesia. The program will generate a new wave of Waste Champions. They will be instrumental in establishing village Waste Banks and start sorting waste, recycling, building permaculture gardens, and implementing other waste management practices.

Waste Banks have proved successful in many villages across Indonesia, reducing waste, increasing recycling, and generating income. However, many villages do not know how to establish them. Following on from the success of CLEAR’s Batukaras Waste Bank, we are now helping other villages in the region.

Village surveys

CLEAR is currently working with villages to properly assess their needs. Surveys have been taken to determine people’s attitudes towards waste and knowledge about Waste Banks. The results showed that most people still considered waste as something without value: dirty, smelly, and bad. However, they are interested in sending rubbish to the Waste Bank if there’s an economic value.


Waste Bank management training has started in all four villages. This program provides an overview of the problems and potential of waste then shows the community how to set up a Waste Bank.

Kalenwadas village

Kalenwadas started the Waste Bank but their activities were delayed by Covid-19 restrictions. CLEAR has provided Waste Bank training including procedures for sorting waste and making compost. They plan to use the compost in community gardens that will support food security.

At their Waste Bank weighing meeting in June, CLEAR held a workshop for their customers on how to make compost at home. The workshop went well. It was interactive and packed with easy-to-understand, practical concepts. At the end of the activity, CLEAR gave compost starters to customers to help them start managing organic waste at home.

Wonoharjo Village

CLEAR was invited to Wonoharjo Village by PPLS: Pemuda Peduli Lingkungan Sehat. Established in 2018, PPLS is a youth organisation that cares for the environment.

The presentation was warmly received and the village wants to establish a Waste Bank. Rubbish has increasingly become a problem in Wonoharjo as more village rubbish disposal pits fill up and fewer and fewer are available.

Supporting CLEAR

CLEAR Community is providing mentoring for villagers who are starting to care about the environment. By supporting them and sharing skills and knowledge we can promote effective action to tackle pollution and environmental challenges throughout the region. Even a small regular donation can make a big difference. Sign up now.

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