Step by Step to No Cost Giving

Did you know that you can give to CLEAR Community with your online purchases without paying any extra?

Sign up to Give As You Live and support us to  help rural communities in Indonesia develop local solutions to the growing waste problem. Environmental problems like ocean plastics are a global disaster and we must work together to tackle them.

It won’t cost you anything, so sign up now and help us make a real impact.

Give As You Live is a great platform enabling retailers and other services to donate a percentage of their profit to charities of your choice. It offers a whole range of services as well as shopping. It works by installing a plug-in to your standard browser which identifies which retailers will donate as you search the web. Once you buy from these sites a donation is made to CLEAR Community.

  1. Step 1 – go to and click ‘Sign Up Today’.
  2. Type ‘CLEAR Community’ in the Charity Search box and click ‘Support Us’ next to our name, which should be at the top of the list.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Add a ‘Donation Reminder’ for laptop/ desktop (little red heart at top of browser).
  5. Download the app for mobile or tablet.
  6. Start to spend, donate and make a difference.

Do look through the whole range offered, including ethical retailers, gardening, fitness and many more. You’ll be surprised how much of your spending can raise funds for CLEAR!







… and there’s another way to raise funds for CLEAR for free!

Amazon Smile is Amazon’s charitable version of its main platform. Once you have logged on to Amazon Smile set CLEAR Community as your beneficiary charity (from a very long list). Then for every purchase you make, Amazon donates 0.5% to the charity.

You have to go through Amazon Smile for this to work and you can access Smile via the Amazon mobile app., or on your computer:

  1. Join Amazon Smile by visiting
  2. Select CLEAR Community as your chosen charity and always shop through Amazon Smile, which is exactly the same as using Amazon.
  3. Download the Amazon app. to your phone and sign in to your account.
  4. Follow the instructions to turn on Amazon Smile, ensuring that it is linked to CLEAR Community (which it should be if you have already set it as your chosen charity).

Please sign up to one or both of these sites: charitable donations have fallen dramatically during the Covid pandemic and there has never been a better and more urgent time to support those causes you care about.

Thank you for supporting CLEAR Community. Happy donating!