Workout for Waste Warriors!

Event dates: Tuesday 1st June – Wednesday 30th June 2021

This event is in support of CLEAR’s Waste Warrior Project in Java, empowering villagers to set up waste banks to help stop plastic pollution in the seas and on land.

We are asking you to raise funds by creating your own event page for running, cycling or walking throughout the month of June. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you for every mile or kilometre and use Strava and social media to share your work-out. Use the link below and click the green ‘Start fundraising’ button to set up your own page. You can use our title, text and images and /or add your own.

From July, CLEAR will be working with 4 villages to create teams of Waste Warriors who will take a lead on sustainable waste practices and managing waste banks. Local mentors from CLEAR will deliver a programme of workshops and training giving women the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to become Waste Warriors. The funds raised by this event will help us pay the Trainers and Mentors.

We have successfully collaborated with the PKK, a women’s group promoting health initiatives and village development in 66,000 villages across Indonesia. Working with their existing structures, we can ensure long-term, far-reaching impacts. Women lead on household management, are motivated about their family’s health and are therefore in an excellent position to drive change.

We adopt a grass-roots approach, as we believe that empowering local people to drive change, and apply their own ideas for innovative waste solutions is far more effective than foreigners or non-locals telling villagers how to manage their problems.

Join us! You can set up your page now and share with your family and friends: