Plastic Free February 2021: Fighting the Plastic Pandemic

This year was unlike any other year that we’ve run our Plastic-Free February (PFF) campaign. With the added complication of the global COVID pandemic, we recognise that it is potentially harder than ever to avoid single-use plastic altogether. Therefore, this year we focused on raising awareness and changing habits.

While CLEAR is dedicated to helping communities in Indonesia because of their dire needs, the CLEAR team is committed to sustainable living everywhere. This Plastic Free February, they each committed to making one or more long-lasting changes to drop their plastic habits. Here are their commitments and some thoughts on what they discovered this PFF.

Yadi Setiadi, Manager

I’m committing to reduce coffee sachet consumption. I am bringing and grinding my own coffee to work in order to #makeachange. Hoping to also influence those around me at work.

In Indonesia, coffee sachets are the norm and it’s quite unusual to find coffee which is not in sachets outside of cities or tourist places, so making this commitment is really going again the grain…



Chani Leahong, CEO

I’m committing to #makeachange with my three for the sea:

  1. Return to plastic-free showering, including natural loofahs and sponges as well as bar soaps and shampoos from @lush.
  2. Write a letter to the top plastic producer companies in Indonesia and share the template for others to use.
  3. Do a local community clean-up with my little son who loves to help me pick up litter. We’ll clean up an area by the harbour where the plastic will otherwise go directly into the sea if there’s wind and rain


Rob Mackenzie, Trustee

Plastic-free Februry really made me aware how serious the plastic pandemic is. It’s absolutely everywhere!

It was a great chance to review my habits and I’m committing to shop locally, especially at Ganesha, the health food shop that uses compostable bags as standard and Fillfull, Ottery’s plastic-free shop. I’m also refusing plastic bags from the grocer and encouraging him to stop using them.


Caroline Crayford, Trustee

My commitment to #makeachange for Plastic Free February is plastic free showering and skin care! Once you quit products in plastic bottles you never go back – and bottled products start to smell so full of chemicals!’




Marianne Kearney, Strategy

To #makeachange I’m committing to carrying my ‘keep cup’ with me and only buying coffee where I can use the keep cup (or buying coffee without plastic lids, if that the only option available).





Nutsa Avaliani, Communications

I’m committing to #makeachange by replacing teabags with loose leaves and a strainer, and replacing cling film and freezer bags with beeswax wrap.

Taking part in my first PFF last year opened my eyes to how much unnecessary plastic was filling my home. I focused on packaging this year, replacing all tin foil, clingfilm and freezer bags with beeswax wrap. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!


You don’t have to wait until next February to drop your plastic habits. We have lots of ideas to #makeachange such as: use soap and shampoo bars rather than plastic bottles; commit to using re-fills for your drinks, laundry detergent and washing-up liquid; vow never to leave the house without your own shopping bag; buy goods free of plastic packaging and many other ideas for avoiding single-use plastic.

We regularly post information, tips and ideas on our social media channels – you can keep up-to-date via our InstagramFacebook, or PFF website and get inspired ready for next year.


We hope you will join our challenge next year. We’re all in it together and everyone who takes part finds the challenge rewarding and eye opening: an important step on our journey towards plastic-free living! Spread the word and get your friends and family involved – start a good-vibes conversation with simple positive action!

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