Plastic-Free February Paves the Way…

Positive responses to CLEAR’s Plastic Free February initiatives have paved the way for a bigger, better challenge for Feb 2019…
 CLEAR Trustee Nemone Caldwell appears to have started a trend! Nemone decided to undertake the challenge of living a ‘Plastic-Free February’ in order to raise money for CLEAR’s #tackletheplastic campaign as well as promoting awareness of how much single-use plastic we are consuming every day. Nemone’s challenge inspired 3 other Trusteees to do the same – Carinan, Gwen, Trevor and Nemone all subscribed to living for a whole month without buying any single-use plastic and inspired a lot of people to make lifestyle changes.
The act of living a plastic-free Februay not only saved a lot of unnecessary plastic from being created and disposed of, it also raised awareness amoungst a swathe of people about just how much plastic we are using daily and got a lot of brains thinking about why and how we should kick our plastic habit.
Trevor’s challenge got shop workers and keepers throughout the town of Ottery Saint Mary into daily conversations about how much plastic is in packaging, and when he brought in boxes and tubs to use for things like cheese, they loved supporting his endeavours and talking to their colleagues about it. Trevor also started making his own yoghurt and washing up liquid – the yoghurt was better and a lot cheaper than the shop bought alternative, the washing up liquid however was not such a success so he might need to look for an new recipe next time! Carinan was travelling through Europe and talking to allsorts of people in France, Spain and Portugal about the challenge and getting a lot people inspired to make similar changes in their own life. Gwen, who is based on the Welsh coastline and grows lots of her own produce in permaculture gardens, struck up some great conversations with other local activitists about getting Cardigan and other UK towns to go single-use-plastic free and the mechanisms for making this happen.
Nemone lives on a boat near London with her husband and two sons and started up some great online debate with regular posts helping to teach other people about the experience and where the biggest challenges seem to lay in living plastic-free. You can catch up with a lot of Nemone’s posts via her instagram @nemonolio and find out more about her campaign here.
CLEAR plan to build on this great start to our Plastic-Free-February initiative and encourage others to subscribe to the challenge for 2019. We want to help it grow every year from now until single-use plastics become a thing of the past! You too can be part of this exciting new wave of action, so watch this space for more details later in the year!…

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