Workout for Waste Warriors!

Workout for Waste Warriors November is now live! Click here to donate and/or join us as a fundraiser. 

Throughout June, CLEAR Community trustees Rob and Trevor were clocking up the miles to raise money to improve village waste management in Java. They raised just under £400. You can also start getting ready for the next workout in November. How many miles can you clock up? How much can you raise?

Keen to help stop plastic pollution in the seas and on land one village at a time, Trevor clocked up over 110km on his bike despite discovering a hernia in the first week. Rob managed over 380km in a mix of walking, running, and cycling: more than 100km over his target.

Join in with the November #Workout4WasteWarriors

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Helping Indonesian villages tackle pollution

The money raised is helping CLEAR Community mentors give villagers the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to become Waste Warriors and set up Waste Banks (village recycling centres). Many of the best Warriors come from CLEAR’s collaboration with the PKK, a women’s group promoting health initiatives and village development in 66,000 villages across Indonesia. The programme builds on the success of waste management systems developed at CLEAR’s base at Batukaras.