Meet our Team

Here at CLEAR Community we have a great team of diverse volunteers helping us empower communities in Java to develop effective waste management practises and sustainable living.  Get to know a few of our key players and what they do to support our vision.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please check out the make a difference page on our website or get in touch to find out about our latest volunteer roles.


Who I am – I’m Yadi. Highly enthusiastic in the environment, sustainability, and community development. For the last four years, I’ve been working with CLEAR.

Why I joined CLEAR – Joining CLEAR was one of the biggest and best decisions that I’ve made. I’ve discovered a lot of new things and have willingly served the community for no personal gain. I wanted to do something that could impact society and the environment and benefit its people both directly and indirectly.

What I do for CLEAR – I’m responsible for the operations in Java and handle everything involved with the projects and programs that we run here: the project scope; managing and leading the project team; as well as the resources assigned to the project and delivering workshops and mentoring programs to the community.

My Ambitions for CLEAR – I have always dreamt of seeing our planet and its people in a harmonic relationship. I hope to help communities learn alternative ways to cope with environmental challenges through creativity and harmonisation between mother earth and human being.


Who I am – I am Sudesh, an experienced professional who transforms performance through combining strategy with business analysis and change. Beyond work, I am passionate about nature and environmental conservation.

Why I joined CLEAR – As a father to a 2-year old, I want to do my bit to help build a greener and cleaner world for the next generation, which aligns with what CLEAR are trying to achieve.

What I do for CLEAR – I help with the strategic operations of CLEAR, looking to eventually make the charity become operationally sustainable.

My Ambitions for CLEAR – From an organisational perspective, to become operationally sustainable and continue to build on the fantastic work done so far. From a personal viewpoint, to be able to educate people about the negative impact of plastic on the environment; and longer term, hopefully partner with organisations to find environmentally friendly alternative solutions to plastic pollutants.


Who I am – I’m Nutsa, a finance student based in London passionate about sustainability and developing creative solutions to best aid the community.

Why I joined CLEAR – I wanted to get involved with a charity at grass-roots level to encourage community members to contribute by taking responsibility and action for their community.

What I do for CLEAR – I support CLEAR’s communications team by managing and creating content for our social media channels and writing blog posts and newsletters.

My Ambitions for CLEAR – I hope to see CLEAR’s impact grow and for more members of the communities within Java feel confident in leading their community in sustainable waste management practises as a result of our mentorship and support. I hope more people will feel inspired to join the movement, giving us the opportunity to partner with organisations that will allow us to support and educate communities most effectively.

ChaniChani Leahong

Who I am – I’m Chani, the Indonesian Operations Executive for CLEAR.

Why I joined CLEAR – Along with local people living in the village of Batukaras, West Java, I founded CLEAR and developed our vision and scope from the consultation responses received from stakeholders throughout the community. Spending time in Indonesia I became aware of how little waste management infrastructure existed, particularly in rural and coastal areas, and how much plastic was being burnt in open streetside or dumped into rivers, gardens and the sea. With this awareness I then became inspired by the huge potential for improving the situation by supporting local people to realise their dream of a clean, green, healthy future. My background in Infrastructure Engineering and my passion for sustainable waste management meant I had something meaningful to offer towards realising this vision and at the same time I was able to learn from the rich culture and ingenious problem solving in Indonesia.

What I do for CLEAR – I help support the Indonesian Operations Team and have managed many of the programs and educational campaigns we have implemented. I also designed and oversaw the development of eco-education space and permaculture setting, Bale Tau.

My Ambitions for CLEAR – My hope for CLEAR is to see our impact grow so that more and more families can benefit from a cleaner, healthier environment, and feel proud to take a sustainable stewarding role to preserve the land and waterways where they live. By combining the unique range of experience of our international volunteers with the passion held by our operations team in Indonesia, CLEAR is offering unique solutions that are not only benefitting our direct partners but also offering a model that inspires other communities to take positive action for sustainable waste management and eco-learning.


Who I am – I am Dibyo, an individual with a strong interest in environmental care and supporting the community.

Why I joined CLEAR – I really enjoyed working with the community through the CLEAR’s waste bank program and wanted to continue spreading CLEAR’s vision of environmental care. I am grateful to have been able to join CLEAR, where I have the freedom to explore all of my ideas and creativity to find the best way to benefit the community

What I do for CLEAR – I assist the operations here in Java: supporting the waste bank program and delivering other workshops to empower waste warriors.