Waste Bank recycling update

A sixth village now has a Waste BankSehat, Kondangjajar started recycling in October. Together, the six village Waste Banks recycled 1.17 tonnes of waste, including 300kg of plastic.

Stopping ocean plastics

Between June and the end of October almost 3½ tonnes of waste was recycle, including almost 1¼ tonnes of plastic. That’s 1,240kg of plastic which would either have littered the village, been burnt causing toxic smoke, or ended up in the rivers and eventually the ocean. Additional to improving the quality of village life and reducing pollution on land; in the air and in the sea, Waste Banks provide small but significant incomes for group members.

There are 7,500 villages in Indonesia. Think what the impact would be if they all had Waste Banks. Our ambition is to spread sustainable waste management across the length and breadth of the country.

Increasing incomes

To increase group incomes while reducing plastic consumption, CLEAR is also working with the Waste Bank committees to develop village refill stores. The groups buy in bulk and resell to customers who bring their own containers.

Find out more about CLEAR-inspired refill stations.

CLEAR Waste Banks

The participating villages are: Hikmah,Cijulang; Resik Karya, Bangunkarya; Geulis, Barengkok; Ganda 8, Kondangjajar; Caykung, Nusagede; and Sehat, Kondangjajar.