Workout helps village recycling

Wita, secretary of Hikmah Waste Bank

Nine enthusiasts raised almost £1,000 to help establish village recycling centres in Java. They all took part in the sponsored November #WorkOut4WasteWarriors.

A big thank you to all who participated and contributed. If you’re quick, it’s not too late to support them to hit the target!

Wita, secretary of Hikmah Waste Bank – “We see a real change in the growth of our customers, the income of our waste bank is also getting bigger. Now, people know that they can access their daily needs at Warung Refill by exchanging their waste. We still have homework to continue educating the public. Thank you CLEAR for supporting us!”


Waste banks – sustainable village recycling

CLEAR is helping villages set up Waste Banks where there are no municipal waste disposal services. Instead of being burnt or littering the fields, forests, rivers and oceans, local rubbish is collected and sorted. Biodegradable material is composted. Paper, cardboard, cans, iron, copper, aluminium, seven types of plastic, and cooking oil are sold in bulk generating an income for the group. Between June and the end of October, almost 3 and a half tonnes was recycled by six new Waste Banks. This included almost 1¼ tonnes of plastic that would have been burnt causing toxic fumes or would have found its way into the ocean.

How your money helps

The money raised is helping CLEAR Community mentors give villagers the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to become Waste Warriors and set up Waste Banks (village recycling centres). Many of the best Warriors come from CLEAR’s collaboration with the PKK, a women’s group promoting health initiatives and village development in 66,000 villages across Indonesia. The programme builds on the success of waste management systems developed at CLEAR’s base at Batukaras.

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Long-term help

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