Gardening Day in Bale Tau

Gardening can encourage the development and
our attitude to love the environment. By taking time to garden, children
will get to experience to learn how the plant grows, where fruit and vegetables come
from, and learn the natural cycle of nature. Gardening encourages children to deal
directly with their surroundings. It is certainly nice for them to experience
what gardening is about and it gives a positive value ​​in their lives.

Gardening is an ideal way to make children
actively involved growing vegetables, fruits or flowers for their own. We
can start by doing a simple discussion about the importance of water as a
source of life. These children can learn to make something from scratch and become proud of themselves when they see the result of making something for them self. It is important for the
children, so that they will better appreciate, preserve and conserve their
 Planting trees will teach the kids the
importance of caring, attention to growth or to observe something. This could
increase the ideas and creativity of children in the use of such plants, for instance
as a material to decorate, or make a gift. By letting children enjoy gardening as early as
possible together, it will increase the child’s relationship with the nature, which has more value than just farming.