Finding solutions through creative collaboration


3rd August, 2017 – Our friends from BaGoes came to Bale Tau on Thursday, bringing with them an energetic spirit and fun activities for the kids. They stayed for four days and camped in our organic gardens in tents and hammocks. We had camp fires and roasted bananas at night, and played guitar and sang together.

Finding solutions through creative collaboration

BaGoes is a bag design company who hopes to get people to do away with single-use plastic bags in favor of their multi-use, cloth shopping bags.

During BaGoes craft workshop with the kids of Batukaras, everyone painted a face on their own re-useable cloth bag. Putting the bag over your head, it becomes a mask, which is why the faces are painted on upside down!

The team also created a poster showing the various decomposition rates of garbage materials. Cigarettes take around 10 years to disintegrate!

Beach clean day at Legok Pari with BaGoes.

BaGoes helped organize the beach clean of Legok Pari as well. They made signage for the volunteers and helped immensely with the litter-picking.

Around 70 people showed up to clean the beach!

BaGoes and CLEAR are planning further collaborations in the future, including a campaign against plastic bags #plastictidakasyik, and recycled product business development initiatives with Batukaras villagers. Thank you to BaGoes for your support and enthusiasm, it was a enjoyable time for all!

Visit them at http://bagoes.co.id/


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