So many plastic bags

The Effect of COVID-19 on Single-Use Plastic

In Europe the EU intends to go ahead with the ban on all single-use plastics by 2021, but at present, plastic consumption has increased considerably due to the fear of catching the Covid-19 virus. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge increase in single-use plastic and halted, or reversed …
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Our New Year’s Resolutions

As the pressures on the planet continue to increase, we all need to do our bit to help out Mother Nature. This year we thought we’d ask our volunteers to come up with some eco-friendly new year’s resolutions to minimise our impact and spread the love! Read on for inspiration on …
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The Phoenix Team's Margacinta Material Hub

CLEAR’s International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP) designs are in!

This month sees exciting developments in our International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP), overseen by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Entries have been submitted and reviews are underway for the IAPP design competition offering radical solutions to delivering essential waste management infrastructure for Indonesia. The winning design will be announced in …
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Visiting Exeter Material Reclamation Facility

Whilst Yadi was over in the UK, Chani and some of the team made a trip to the Exeter Material Reclamation Facility to see what Exeter City Council do with the community’s waste. The facility takes household recycling (paper, tin, card, plastic), paper banks and local trade waste, separating materials using …
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Hey Beach Heroes!

As we are based in one of the world’s most plastic-polluted countries, we arrange fortnightly beach clean-ups, which have proved to be a really effective way of influencing and engaging with the locals – we’ve even seen adorable two and three year old children picking straws and odd bits of …
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Yoga instructors welcome

Here at CLEAR, we are slowly but surely growing by the day and when we have yoga instructors, or even yoga experienced practitioners, we are glad to announce that we can offer yoga classes at Bale Tau. A healthy body, healthy mind and healthy planet is what it’s all about! …
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We are all creators!

  Alongside our regular beach cleans and environmental activities, we also run regular arts and crafts workshops to allow whoever is interested to enjoy the freedom of experimenting and exploring their creativity. The act of creation can be empowering as well as a great way to relax and as such we …
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